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S.S.P - Jack Russell Terrier Edition

This site in co-operation with ®Syco Side Productions ownership is dedicated to the Jack Russell Terriers we have.
Each of them having their own personal traits will without hesitation or debate, have their own dedicated page that will continously be updated with pictures, videos and events.

We have three purebred Jack Russells, all of which are about a year apart.  

Mayzee (pron:Maze) is a three year old female short haired JRT with dew claws removed and tail docked.

Buddy is a two year old male long hair JRT with dew claws and tail

Virgo who is the product of Mayzee and Buddy, is a one year old female short haired JRT with dew claws removed and tail docked.

On Sale Now - Second & Third Litter


Take the time out to fill a survey, any and all information given will be kept in strictest confidence and only used to further answer anymore questions. 
This survey was developed to help give a better understanding that not only JRTs but dogs/pets in general need the love and care that one would give to their own child.
Thank you

First Name
Last Name
What age group do you fall under
Email address (if applicable)
Why do you want a JRT?
Have you had any prior research or knowledge about Jack Russell Terriers (JRTs)?
In the past, have you had other dogs?yes
In the past, have you had any other pet besides dogs?yes
Do you currently have any other pets in your home?yes
If yes, what kind?
What kind of living arrangement do you think smaller dogs like JRTs should have?
If other, please specify
How many hours a day do you think your JRT have with human contact ?
What aspect of a dog is most important to you?
If other, please specify
Are there any characteristics of a puppy/dog you could not tolerate?
If other, please specify

®SSP/JRT 2008

®Syco Side Productions