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S.S.P - Jack Russell Terrier Edition

Fun Facts about Jack Russell Terriers

JRT's are small but courageous dogs; with their coats coming in a variety of styles, their markings and colors are similar.
Males typically grow to about 10" - 15" and weigh about 15 - 18lbs.  Females, 9" - 14" and weigh about 14 - 17lbs.
Temperaments can be described as: energetic, excitable and perkey.
It would be wise to start obedience training with these dogs at a young age since many have a tendency to show agression, stubborness and be difficult to train.
Strong instinctive hunting traits make this breed of dog fairly untrustworthy around other small animals or pets, they may try to chase or injure them.
If not adequately entertained, JRTs may become destructive so owners need to keep a tight rein over these dogs behavior.
Health Issues Commonly found in JRTs: Some may experience dislocation of the kneecaps, inherieted eye disease or a type of dwarfism that may cause them to have shorter or deformed legs.
It is a good idea to give these dogs lots of room for exercise and plenty of room to romp and play freely.
Average life expectancy : 15 years or longer

Jack Russell Terrier Club of America

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